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Calif. Dept. of Education minimum requirements for grades 4-6 alone are 142,560 sq ft for field and 32,000 sq ft for courts. These requirements are self-policing by school districts who build with local bond money.

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  • DMUSD grades Heights’ facilities “exemplary” as of January 7, 2020
    Recently, I’ve overheard some passionate talk about the conditions at the Heights’ school – that it is unsafe for students and needs an immediate shutdown, now! As a parent who had my own son there for four of the last five years, this caught me off guard. I wondered how DMUSD saw it – whether they’ve … Continue reading HomeRead more
  • CEQA – Our comments
    Today Play Outside Del Mar submitted its environmental comments on the Del Mar Heights Elementary School Project. Please click here to download our CEQA Comments or skim the table of contents without downloading. Extensive time and research went into these comments, and you may want to review them before submitting your own comments to DMUSD. For those of you … Continue reading HomeRead more
  • Under our noses, DMUSD submitted full construction plans weeks ago.
    We’re sharing the full construction plans for the Del Mar Heights’ Rebuild – 319 pages.   We recently obtained these plans – dated February 11, 13, and 28 – by public records request to the State of California, Division of the State Architect (DSA), the organization that gives final approval to all plans for public schools … Continue reading HomeRead more