Send Letters

Transparency, truth, and answers. We deserve all of those. And we deserve our fields.

Email DMUSD board members right now. If you click on a link below, it will open an email from you to whoever you select.

Click Here For The Entire Board

Click below for an individual board member.

Erica Halpern, Board President

Scott Wooden, Board Clerk

Katherine Fitzpatrick, Board Member

Gee Wah Mok, Board Member

Doug Rafner, Board Member

Holly McClurg, Superintendent

Also email to our local elected officials and let them know we need their support.

Kevin Faulconer, Mayor City of San Diego

Barbary Bry, San Diego City Council Member for District 1

For conventional mail to the DMUSD board, use this address for your letter: 11232 El Camino Real, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92130.