Rebuttal #1 – FACT: DMUSD does own the west side of Mira Montana

DMUSD has been telling some of you in private emails that “The District does not own the west half of Mira Montana Drive” – apparent justification for recommending to the board that Rolf’s Plan #2 be dropped.

This series of images – all created by DMUSD architects, surveyors, and consultants – conclusively proves DMUSD does own it.  We’ve added the arrows.

DMUSD site survey posted online here:
Northeast corner of Heights’ property adjacent Mira Montana.
Southeast corner of Heights’ property adjacent Mira Montana

Now you know the truth.

We believe a $55M public funded project should be staffed with people who understand how to read a survey and who are reviewing and understanding their own construction documents.  If you share our concerns, let the DMUSD trustees know by clicking below – a customizable email will be opened in your email app.

Entire Board of Trustees

Erica Halpern

Katherine Fitzpatrick

Scott Wooden

Gee Wah Mok

Doug Rafner

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