Rebuttal #2 – DMUSD’s northwest parking lot “concerns” don’t make sense

DMUSD says Rolf Silbert’s Plan #2 has “potential pedestrian traffic crossing the vehicular entrance to the school with the parking in the northwest” – a safety concern for them.

But compare DMUSD’s own school at Sage Canyon Elementary below, with Rolf’s Plan # 2 underneath it.

Sage Canyon – parking and car queue
Rolf Silbert Plan #2 – front parking lot and lower grades car queue

Aren’t they the same thing – except that Rolf’s Plan #2 has a convenient sidewalk all the away around the parking lot?  

Both of the above solutions strike us as better than the front lot in the DMUSD plan – which has no sidewalk at all, so that all pedestrians leaving cars there have to cross either 2 or 3 lanes of traffic at the indicated crosswalks.

DMUSD design – front entrance and parking lot

It makes you wonder – are DMUSD’s concerns real, or just excuses because they don’t want to tell the community that Rolf’s Plan #2 is a viable alternative plan that won’t be considered because they care more about getting the school built fast than right?

If you have your own concerns with DMUSD, please click the link below to open a draft, customizable email addressed to the five trustees.  Delete anyone you wish from the address line.

Board of Trustees

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