New Pacific highlands ranch DMUSD school – 28% Bigger field for same acreage

We had to scratch our heads after we took and verified measurements on the fields from the design for the district’s new Pacific Highlands Ranch (PHR) School, by different architects. Here is their latest design from 10.30.2019.

As you might have guessed, we took measurements using the same methods as before, with the same types of double checks and calibrations.

Here’s what we found after measuring and investigating.

  • roughly 100,000 square feet of irregular field space for PHR compared to roughly 78,000 square feet of irregular field space for the Heights’ rebuild. That’s a 28% increase for PHR
  • roughly the same site acreage at each site – 10.9 acres for the Heights and 10.7 for PHR
  • PHR is designed for 470 students according to district documents whereas the Heights is designed for 507

When we first posted this page, the PHR design included 140,000 square feet of field space, as reflected in their 5.28.2019 design shown below at left:


10.30.2019 PHR site plan

The most current design reduces field space by 40,000 square feet – to significantly less than the Department of Education required minimums for a school with 470 students. This is a disturbing departure from the requirements for a new school. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION REQUIRED MINIMUM FIELD SIZES