Rebuttal #3 – DMUSD’s documents refute that a “big wall” is required by Rolf Plan #2

This 2-3 foot existing wall on Mira Montana – moved back a few feet to allow more full use of DMUSD-owned property – is the only additional wall that’s required to implement Rolf Plan #2.


In Rolf’s Plan #2, that wall needs to be moved west a few feet farther from the street – to make room for parking spaces in the north and a drop-off and pick-up lane in the south.

DMUSD’s own survey shows there’s room to do it. The white sandwich between the vertical blue areas is flat space between Mira Montana and where the downward slope starts toward the school site. You can see it is flat for 34’ feet near the center. We’ve verified it’s flat for more than 23’ across the full range of the north parking area (23’ is what you need for a parking space plus a sidewalk) and more than 15’ for the full range of the south pick-up and drop-off area (15’ is which is what you need for a pick-up and drop-off lane plus a sidewalk).


DMUSD and its employees have been telling us and their board of trustees that an extra “big wall” is required for Plan #2 – and you can see for yourself it’s just the same 2-3’ pony wall, moved a few feet.

Again it makes us wonder – are DMUSD’s concerns real, or just excuses because they don’t want to tell the community that Rolf’s Plan #2 is a viable alternative plan that won’t be considered because they care more about getting the school built fast than right?

If you have your own concerns with DMUSD, please click the link below to open a draft email addressed to the five trustees. Delete anyone you wish from the address line.

Board of Trustees

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