submit your own comments

Public comments are due March 30, 2020 by 5:00 p.m.

It’s a piece of cake to submit a comment, just send an email to DMUSD and say what you feel – there’s no special format or legalities required.

Click here for a pre-addressed email to DMUSD – then add whatever you want to say.

Or you can do it all yourself by sending an email to Chris Delehanty at this email address and title it “comments on DMUSD Heights School CEQA MND dated 2.20.2020” or something similar. We suggest you ask for confirmation that your comments have been received.

For an example of one comment, click here to see comments already submitted by the Sierra Club. You don’t need anything that long, elaborate, or detailed, and there’s no obligation to refer to things section by section as the Sierra Club did. But you can copy their format if you prefer it.