Our Newest Favorite Image

Comparison of DMUSD Schools Including School Fields and Park Space

Hot off the press! Our latest analysis, comparing DMUSD school playing fields and community park areas nearby.

What’s the point and what’s the takeaway? Every bar on this graphic shows the sum total of community available play space next to the public schools in DMUSD. You can see that many schools have supporting community parks nearby – and the community enjoys the benefit of both the school fields and the community park.

The graphic shows why our fight to save the fields at Del Mar Heights is so very important to the Heights’ community. The only field space in Del Mar Heights is the total field space from the fields at Del Mar Hills and Del Mar Heights. Compared to other communities, we are already on the short end of the stick – and the Heighs’ rebuild will make Del Mar Heights’ have the smallest fields in the district by far. The newly proposed “community park” at the front of the school (the orange part of the Heights’ proposal) is inconsequential – a bone tossed our way after the “rebuild” eats nearly 2/3 of the Heights fields.

Note that we’ve updated our numbers on the newly proposed Pacific Highlands Ranch school to reflect their latest design – which shrinks their own field space by about 40,000 square feet from earlier designs – not a good trend. Note also that our numbers here are hot off the press and have not been double and triple and quadruple verified, like other numbers on our site. We’ll be doing that in the next few days. But we wanted you to get you the numbers as they rolled out so you’d have the best opportunity to know what we know.

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