Big steps forward . . .

We just posted a new alternative design from Rolf Silbert – which he emphasizes is a collaboration between him and many others including district feedback.

Check it out on our home page where you can scroll through the whole presentation.

We think it offers significant improvements in nearly every area – safety, parking, traffic, drop-off and pick-up, classroom lighting, pedestrian entry and exit, neighbor views, vehicle emissions impacting kids and classrooms and neighbors, baseball, fields, blacktop – amazingly without any negative impact on DMUSD educational goals!

One big difference is that the previous combination fire access/parking/drop-off/pick-up road from the district’s earlier design has been replaced with a dedicated fire access road onsite circling the full site. Thanks to the financial support of many of you in the community, we’ve had this vetted with some of California’s top fire experts and they believe this and other design changes are safer for the kids and the school in several ways, with no downsides noted. We’ll share details on that later. 

Drop-off, pick-up, and parking are shared between Boquita and Mira Montana, but with many changes that improve the situation for neighbors on both streets compared to Rolf’s last design, in particular views, vehicle emissions, and more predicable balance of traffic. The district owns the west half of Mira Montana so that part is easy for them. Significantly, the design has made the parking, drop-off, and pick-up changes in a way which eliminates kids needing to cross any traffic to get into or out of the school.  I think everyone will be happy with that improvement over all previous designs.

Many thanks to Rolf and all others who collaborated on this. Great effort by the community.

We’ll be posting design comparisons, stakeholder benefits, and an analysis of the district’s “hurdles” to implementation in the next few days.  Please pass this message along to others so they can sign up to receive our updates and to share their thoughts, concerns, and wisdom.


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