Q&A – now available

Over the last six months, we’ve worked incredibly hard to bring you accurate, irrefutable facts and honest opinions. We value the reputation we have earned from this body of work.

Lately, a few citizens have made false accusations about Play Outside Del Mar and its founders – spreading them by foot, phone, and social media through our neighborhoods. When it began, we believed most of them surely had good intentions and bad information. We made no judgments about the messengers and were diligent in addressing the falsehoods, even the ones that could easily have been refuted by the messengers themselves with a smidgeon of homework using public information. Unfortunately the accusations persisted, no matter how often we answered or how loud we turned up the volume. We are left to believe the intentions must have been different than we had thought – to smear or instead to distract the public from the facts and us from our mission to save the fields and play spaces for the kids and community of Greater Del Mar.

Whatever the true motivations, we have decided to turn this into an opportunity to create a new Q&A page on our website. It will be a ready source of publicly available clear answers. It aggregates what we’ve said before in different forums, conversations, and posts in one location. We’ve added a few historical facts about Play Outside Del Mar for our newcomers who don’t know the back story.

We hope to continue to earn your trust.

Here’s a link to the Q&A.

John Gartman

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