After the public challenges their math, District goes underground on the new field square footage

The surprise of the night at the DMUSD board meeting — where the bulk of the night was spent discussing the slashed field size — was the district going underground on the field size, stripping all numbers from their slide show presentations and oral discussions. We’d publicly challenged their field size calculations (either 79,221 square feet or 83,782) in earlier presentations as being nearly 22,000 square feet wrong (we measured about 57,500). CLICK HERE TO SEE

Even when Board members asked the district and the architect point blank, all they got was “9% larger.”


Maybe they think they won’t be held accountable if they don’t tell us anything?

Unfortunately, the board’s old numbers are still posted as “facts” for public consumption on their website, for example here:

We videotaped the meeting and we’ll get that published soon. We’ll also post the board’s presentations as soon as we get them.

There’s lots more to say about the meeting and we’ll provide you with a full update shortly. If you have any followup questions, just send an email to One of our core values is to be open . . . and transparent.

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